Saturday, 19 March 2022 11:07

HOPE-A participates in LOPEC trade fair 2022

HOPE-A, Greek Association is taking part in the world’s meeting point for the printed electronic sector: LOPEC trade fair.

The Trade Fair is taking place from 23 to 24 March in Messe, and is consuming as one of the biggest technology European live event on organic electronics area, since pandemic outbreak.

Printed electronics is the one of the key technologies of the 21st century produces applications for automotive engineering, green energy generation, medical technology, pharmaceuticals , transportation, smart living and mobility, wearables etc.

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HOPE-A coordinates the activities of industrial and research organizations in Greece in the multi-billion rapidly evolving field of Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics (OEs) and strengthens their goals. HOPE-A covers the entire value chain of OE Products and Services in Green Energy, Lighting, Electronics, Automotive, Smart Buildings, Greenhouses, Intelligent Packaging, Wearables, IoT e.t.c. Among the scopes of HOPE-A is to coordinate network of companies in OE’s applications, support members to new markets and trade-shows and represent members to international markets.

HOPE-A association represents during LOPEC trade fair , technologies and applications based in organic electronic production, such as organic photovoltaic made from Greek Company Organic Electronic Technologies, OET.

OET is a High-Tech company involved in the design, thin films manufacturing processes and production of innovative flexible Organic Printed Photovoltaic (OPV) and Organic LED (OLED) technologies.

Optical precision metrology and pulsed laser for patterning tools and their integration in OPV production line processes are also a main activity of the company.

OET has implemented an innovative OPV Panel which is differentiated from competitors for its high transparent and uniform membrane (with minimum discontinuities instead of the existing stripe-patterned panels).

LOPEC Trade Fair

LOPEC covers a cross-section of the industry. Presents innovative products, highlights new market opportunities for the industry and helps foster the development of new materials, manufacturing technologies and applications.

The focus topics at LOPEC 2022 Smart Living shows how printed electronics enrich our everyday lives in many ways. The spectrum ranges from medicine and health to fitness, home comfort and energy generation.

In the mobility sector, the automobile is currently the main driver. LOPEC 2022 shows that in the near future vehicles will have more electronics on board than ever before, from touch panels and screens to sensors - which for reasons of space alone can only be realized in the form of printed electronics.