Title: Flex2Energy
Type: HORIZON-IA - HORIZON Innovation Actions
Work Programme: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-01
Duration: 48 months
Starting Day: 1st January 2023

Flex2Energy is a 48-month project with an ambitious goal to manufacture reliable Integrated Photovoltaics (IPVs) by developing an Automated R2R (Roll-to-Roll) Manufacturing Line for Organic PVs (OPVs).

The Manufacturing Line consists of the R2R Printing & Automated Assembly Machines, with robust and adaptive in-line metrologies for quality control and Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis implementing industry 4.0 concepts.

The IPVs will be produced in custom designs complying to the requirements of use in buildings, greenhouses for energy production & crop harvesting and automotive EV car roofs, to minimize landscape and to facilitate energy positive buildings. The IPV products will be installed in dedicated business cases (BIPVs, Agri-PVs, VIPVs) and will be evaluated in terms of performance, durability and social and industrial acceptance.

HOPE-A's role in the project is summarized in the following main actions:

  • Innovation Cluster Network Establishment
  • Stakeholders Mapping
  • Develop Government and social acceptance strategies
  • Dissemination of project activities and achievements

For more information visit Flex2Energy's website: www.flex2energy.eu


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