Organic and Printed Electronics (OE) industry is a cutting-edge innovation sector worldwide that is expected to revolutionize conventional electronics, energy and photonic applications. Some of the most important OE applications include Organic Photovoltaics-OPVs, e-paper, Organic Light Emitting Diodes-OLEDs for displays & lighting, sensors, Thin Film Batteries-TFBs, sensors and biosensors, etc.


  • Substrates (polymeric materials, glass, paper etc)
  • Organic Conductors
  • Organic Semiconductors
  • Dielectrics
  • Inorganic and Hybrid Materials
  • Nanoparticles & Nanowires
  • Encapsulation Materials


  • Printing(Gravure, Ink-jet, Flexographic, Screen, Slot-die)
  • Vacuum and Gas Transport
  • Laser Patterning
  • Wet
  • Roll-to-Roll, Sheet-to-Sheet
  • In-line Optical Monitoring


  • Organic Photovoltaics
  • OLEDs for display and lighting
  • OTFTs and Circuits
  • RFIDs
  • Smart Labels and Packaging
  • Sensors and Biosensors
  • Batteries
  • Smart Textiles
  • Integrate Smart Systems